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Ross Mason04/24/14
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Optimize Resource Utilization with Mule Shared Resources

You can now set up a domain and associate your Mule applications with a domain. Within a domain project you can define a set of resources (and the libraries required by those resources) to share between the applications that belong to the domain.

Eric D. Schabell04/23/14
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Test Driving the JBoss BPM Cloud-Enabled Process Designer

With the release of the JBoss BPM Suite we have something fun to preview some of the components found in the product itself. Together with the project team, Maciej and Tihomir that work on this fantastic component, we have set up a repeatable standalone demo installation of the BPMN2 process designer.

Madhuka Udantha04/23/14
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Application Specific Permissions in WOS2 IS

This a new future coming in wso2 IS 4.7.0 where we can define application specific permissions. The included tutorial should walk you through the creation process and later implementation.

Christian Posta04/22/14
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Video: Simplify your integrations with Apache Camel and Fabric8

The demo is really cool and shows how to go from scratch (nothing) to a fully deployed project on Fuse with fault-tolerant/highly-available messaging, scalability, flexibility, and logging/debugging/tracing. It’s really pretty fantastic technology and I highly recommend you take a look at the video.

Eric D. Schabell04/21/14
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Getting Started With a JBoss Maven Repository POM Configuration

The new JBoss BRMS & JBoss BPM Suite was released yesterday bringing a lot of new improvements, fixes, and features. One of the most exciting is the availability of a public facing maven repository based on these two products.

Ross Mason04/21/14
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MuleSoft Powers Box’s Cloud Connect

With over 200,000 business clients and enterprise grade security and architecture, Box is a great example of how rising Silicon Valley stars use MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform for internal and external integration needs.

Bilgin Ibryam04/16/14
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Circuit Breaker Pattern in Apache Camel

Circuit Breaker is a pattern that wraps the resource and monitors for errors. Initially it is in closed state and passes all calls to the wrapped resource. When the failures reaches a certain threshold, the circuit moves to open state where it returns error to the caller without actually calling the wrapped resource.

Mariano Gonzalez04/15/14
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Parallel Multicasting in Mule Made Easy

A common integration scenario is a single message needs to be sent through multiple routes. It needs to be routed through the CRM to create the client, to marketing for leads, and finally passed to provisioning and stock systems so they can work their magic as well.

Asankha Perera04/15/14
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UltraESB 2.2.0 GA Released

We've just released the v2.2.0 of the UltraESB. The release fixes some defects related to classloading from deployment units, and also introduces a few changes to the public API to make the ESB API more user friendly and intuitive.

Paul Hammant04/14/14
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Continuous Delivery: The Price of Admission

In this article, I’m going to outline the importance or addressing your company’s source-control use before diving too far into CD. Specifically, I’m suggesting that you should decide whether your enterprise should do Trunk Based Development (TBD) in one big trunk or not.

Paul Fremantle04/14/14
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Internet of Things - Protocols and Access Keys

There was considerable interest in the MQTT interop session on standardizing the use of OAuth2 tokens with the protocol. My personal prediction is that MQTT and HTTP become the most-used IoT protocols, and I strongly urge (and hope) that OAuth2 tokens will become the de-facto model across both of these.

Gilberto Holms04/14/14
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Export Audit Trail from Database SOA 10g and 11g

For a long time I thought that was impossible to query the SOA composite instance audit trail directly from database. Several references on internet said that only SOA Management APIs could understand the format in which this information is stored into SOA Dehydration Store.

Benjamin Ball04/13/14
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The Best of the Week (Apr. 4): Enterprise Integration

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the Enterprise Integration Zone (Apr. 4 to Apr. 10). Here they are, in order of popularity:

Benjamin Ball04/13/14
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The Best of the Week (Apr. 4): DevOps Zone

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the DevOps Zone (Apr. 4 to Apr. 10). This week's topics include the Heartbleed SSL bug, Continuous Delivery vs. Continuous Integration, two very different introductions to continuous delivery, and perfect test automation.

Mariano Gonzalez04/11/14
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Mule 3.5 Batch Module Reloaded

With Mule’s December release we introduced the new batch module. We received feedback about it and we even have some CloudHub users happily using it in production! However, we know that the journey of Batch has just begun and for the Early Access release of Mule 3.5 we added a bunch of improvements.