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JBoss Web Services adds Metro and CXF Integration

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JBoss has announced the general availability of JBossWS 3.0.1 which includes integration with the Metro Web services stack as well as the Apache CXF open source services framework. JBossWS is a JAX-WS compliant Web services stack that brings a simplified programming model and functional improvements over previous JAX-RPC implementations.

Other new features in this release include:

  • Initial support for FastInfoset
  • Initial support for JSON data binding
  • Initial support for WS-RX
  • Completed Username Token Profile 1.0
  • Improved Eclipse integration
  • Added support for schema validation
  • More advanced samples based on real world usecases
  • Unified SOAP message trace
  • Added support for SOAP 1.2 in wsconsume
  • Bug fixes


The binaries, including the samples can be obtained here:

Installation instructions can be found here:




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Rj Salicco replied on Wed, 2008/04/02 - 1:15pm

That is great news! I haven't worked with CXF just yet but I implemented some Web services using Codehaus's XFire(where CXF started) about a year ago. The project was running on JBoss with Spring, Hibernate, and Apache's XML Beans. I was pleased with the total package and the minimalistic approach for implementation of Web services. I am definitely interested in the JAX-WS support, JSON data binding and the Eclipse integration.

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