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EG 01/08/10
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Jt5.3 - Java Pattern Oriented Framework

Jt5.3 has been released. Jt is a design pattern framework for the rapid implementation of Java applications. Jt implements many well-known patterns including Data Access Objects (DAO), GoF design patterns and J2EE patterns. Jt5.3 features several Enterprise...

Ole Matzura12/17/09
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soapUI 3.5 beta1 - The Protocol Release

eviware is happy to announce the first beta of soapUI 3.5 – The Protocol release. This release extends the capabilities of soapUI to include testing of JMS, AMF, and Databases.

Lyndsey Clevesy11/16/09
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Free Cheat Sheet: GlassFish Application Server v3

Getting Started with GlassFish Application Server v3 begins by introducing you to what GlassFish is and how to get it.  Then it goes on to prove its worth as a lasting resouce by going into detail on Daily Administration Tasks, Security, Monitoring, and...

Mark Hansen11/05/09
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Netrifex 1.0: Rapid Web Service Enablement for Java Apps

 Netrifex Instantly Adds Web Services to Existing Java SE and Java EE Applications, Enabling Rapid and Low Cost Deployment of Web Services Across the EnterpriseProxisoft today announced the release of Netrifex 1.0.Netrifex adds web services to existing Java...

Nitin Bharti10/16/09
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Øredev Developers Conference Coming to Sweden, Nov 2-6

Considered by many to be the best developers conference in Europe, Øredev is running for its fifth consecutive year. This years' theme "Efficiency" has been integrated into the content of all 14 tracks throughout all five days. The first two days...

ambreen tariq09/28/09
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Software Testing Tools to Test Cloud Computing Applications

New Open Source Testing Tools are emerging that will deploy, manage and test the latest Cloud Computing Software applications.

Tom Baeyens09/02/09
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jBPM 4.1 Released

Just in time for JBossWorld, we released jBPM 4.1. We're very proud that our collaboration with Signavio and Oryx already lead to the first results.

Tom Baeyens07/13/09
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JBoss Releases jBPM 4

BPM and workflow comes in many shapes and forms. jBPM 4 is a major step towards providing a single BPM solution that can be used for these different forms of BPM and workflow, in different Java environments. It can be used as a standalone server or embedded...

Nitin Bharti07/09/09
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Introducing FUSE Forge - Community for Open Source Integration Projects

Progress Software has launched a new online community and collaborative environment for developing and hosting open source integration and messaging projects.

Shay Shmeltzer07/06/09
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Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g Released

Oracle has announced the availability of Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g, which introduces new capabilities in Oracle WebLogic Suite, Oracle WebCenter Suite, Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle Identity Management and Oracle JDeveloper.

Michael Justin06/30/09
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Habari OpenMQ Client: JMS Message Exchange Between Java & Delphi

Second release candidate of the Open Message Queue library for Delphi

Bill Burke06/22/09
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RESTEasy 1.1 Released

I'm pleased to announce the release of RESTEasy 1.1.GA. This was a huge functionality and bug fix release for us. Special thanks goes out to Solomon Duskis, Attila Kiraly, and Michael Brackx. Included in this release is:

Roger Lacroix06/12/09
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Capitalware releases MQ File Mover v3.0.0 for Free

Capitalware Inc. is pleased to announce the release of MQ File Mover v3.0.0 for free. The MQ File Mover v3.0.0 (MQFM) application is a software package that is designed to move files using WebSphere MQ (aka MQSeries). MQFM processes “Action” commands...

Mark Proctor05/26/09
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Drools 5: Business Logic Integration Platform

The Drools team are pleased to announce the release of Drools 5.0 Final. Everyone's favourite Java Rule Engine with the delivery of version 5.0 gives genesis to the Business Logic integration Platform, which provides a unified and integrated platform for...

Mark Hansen04/23/09
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ServiceLayer Beta Release – Instant Web Services for Java Apps

ServiceLayer can be downloaded from: http://agileitinc.com/download.AgileIT (http://www.agileitinc.com) has released a new product, ServiceLayer, which enables you to add SOAP and REST web services to Java applications at runtime.  No coding is required. ...