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Daily Dose - RichFaces On the Road to Full JSF 2.0

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The first of JBoss RichFaces 4.0's monthly milestones was released this week.  RichFaces 4.0 is going to provide full support for the Java EE 6 JSF 2.0 specification, while the current version, 3.3.3, has partial JSF 2.0 support and partial backwards support.  The first milestone includes an improved CDK, New components (jQuery, togglePanel, etc.), and named queue support for the queue implementation.

AjaxSwing 3.1 Ready to Play
With no modifications to existing Swing windows and business logic, developers can use the new AjaxSwing 3.1 to run Java desktop applications as web applications.  The newly released version features support for drag and drop, scrollpanes, tables, ajax scrolling, and browser timezones.  It also adds performance improvements, dynamic tooltips, and various minor bugfixes.

PiCloud: The Serverless Computing Platform
The startup known as PiCloud has launched its new compute platform which allows easy cloud setup for batch processing and scientific computing applications.  The platform runs your custom function on the cloud, cloud.result then retrieves the return value of your function, and then maps the function onto multiple arguments.  The PiCloud library supports Python code and extracts the bytecode, source code, and data necessary to move a customer's computation onto the cloud.  

HP Trademarks "Palmpad"
Is it foreshadowing?  HP recently filed for a trademark of the name "Palmpad" - no doubt this is in preparation for their rumored tablet based on Palm's webOS.  But does this mean that their tablet will definitely be named "Palmpad"?  We can't be sure.  The initial name floating around after the Palm acquisition was "Hurricane," so we still can't be sure what the tablet's name will be.

The 5 types of programmers
Are you a Duct Tape Programmer?  An Anti-Programming Programmer?  Or something else?  Thanks to Steven Benner for posting this link.
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Gabor Farkas replied on Wed, 2010/07/21 - 7:31am

The five type of programmers link points to the palmpad stuff.

Mitch Pronschinske replied on Wed, 2010/07/21 - 10:20am in response to: Gabor Farkas

Thanks Gabor.  I fixed it.  My Ctrl+C shortcut doesn't like to work with me sometimes :)

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