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Eric Berg02/19/14
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How to Integrate More Applications Into Otka's Application Network

Okta has integrated thousands of applications into the Okta Application Network (OAN). We’ve opened up the OAN and created an easy-to-use and secure app integration wizard for our customers and partners to add both Secure Web Authentication (SWA) and SAML integrations to the OAN.

Troy Hunt02/18/14
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Your API Versioning is Wrong

Every way you turn there are different takes on REST, what is RESTful, what is not, and if it even matters. This article talks about API changes, the impact on versioning, why there are so many diverging ideas on how it should be done, and why none of the banter is as important as actually getting stuff done.

Maarten Balliauw02/18/14
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Windows Azure Storage magic with Shared Access Signatures

When building cloud applications on Windows Azure, it’s always a good thing to delegate as much work to specialized services as possible. File downloads can be streamed directly from Windows Azure storage to your client, without having to pass a web app hosted on Windows Azure Cloud Services or Web Sites.

Christian Posta02/18/14
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Cooking with Camel: New Cookbook with Recipes for Apache Camel!

Word on the street is that Camel tastes good. Well, I can’t vouch for that (as I haven’t tried it…), but what I can vouch for is that working with Apache Camel for integration projects is awesome! If you haven’t bridled this beast of burden for some integration work, then I bet you’ve been wasting a lot of time.

Benjamin Ball02/16/14
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The Best of the Week (Feb. 7): Cloud Zone

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the Cloud Zone (Feb. 7 to Feb. 13). Topics this week include setting up Devstack Havanna on a network, a shakedown of AWS S3 archiving, choosing a cloud integration solution, PaaS application requirements, and SaaS obstacles.

Benjamin Ball02/16/14
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The Best of the Week (Feb. 7): Enterprise Integration

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the Enterprise Integration Zone (Feb. 7 to Feb. 13). This week's topics include configurations in Apache Commons, Apache Karaf versioning, Marvel's REST API, Mule ESB unit testing, and API predictions for 2014.

Eric Berg02/14/14
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The "Stickiness" of the Network Effect in the Enterprise

The top eight enterprise companies to IPO in last eight years are now trading for $48 billion total. There’s a massive opportunity for companies to connect people, applications, devices and even other companies to create more efficient, secure ways of working in the enterprise.

Omri Erel02/14/14
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The Hardest Task SaaS Faces is Getting Users to Invest in Your Product

This week I caught up with Stu Green- founder & CEO of an interesting initiative “Project bubble”. We spoke on topics that are particularly interesting and relevant to SaaS Addicts. Keep reading to hear his best of breed tips and practices.

Chris Haddad02/13/14
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Defining an SOA Governance Approach

Service Oriented Architecture initiative success requires creating loosely coupled consumer-provider connections, enforcing a separation of concerns between consumer and provider, exposing a set of re-usable, shared services, and gaining service consumer adoption.

James Strachan02/12/14
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Fabric8, JBoss Fuse, and Apache Karaf Versions

We're very excited about fabric8 being completely poly-container; so we can use fabric8 to provision and manage Karaf, Tomcat, Wildfly & vertx containers; stand alone JVMs along with working great with docker, OpenShift and jclouds - all with a lovely hawtio console for everything!

Claus Ibsen02/12/14
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To ServiceMix or Not to ServiceMix

Many developers wonder if they should continue using Apache ServiceMix tools or if they should be turning to another solution. What has happened on the ServiceMix project was that the ServiceMix kernel was pulled out of ServiceMix into its own project - Apache Karaf.

Phil Whelan02/10/14
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PaaS: Breaking Ties, Increasing Focus

Before PaaS, applications had, by today’s standards, unnecessarily strict infrastructure requirements. There’s no doubt in my mind that the most significant benefit you get from a PaaS is to break those ties, allowing everyone in their respective role to focus on their already difficult-enough tasks at-hand.

Chris Haddad02/10/14
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How to Build an Integrated Business

Obtaining a well integrated business is a core connected business tenet. By integrating business data, processes, rules, services and capabilities between internal and external IT assets, IT teams create an environment accelerating business interactions inside, outside, and across organizational boundaries.

Ross Mason02/10/14
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Choosing a Cloud Integration Solution

Selecting an integration technology to replace point-to-point integration, whether it be a tool or a complete platform, plays a critical role in the success of your business. Businesses should carefully consider a solution to solve SaaS and SOA IT projects, making sure all integration needs are met.

Chris Haddad01/10/14
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Think Beyond the ESB

Many smart architects think of WSO2 as simply an open source ESB vendor, and look towards WSO2 when they need to solve a point integration challenge. As a veteran of the SOA adoption wars, I encourage teams to think beyond the ESB, and consider how to build a connected business.