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Christian Posta12/10/12
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ActiveMQ: Understanding Memory Usage

ActiveMQ’s SystemUsage and particularly the MemoryUsage functionality has left some people confused. I’ll try to explain some details around MemoryUsage that might be helpful in understanding how it works.

Mitch Pronschinske12/09/12
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A Good API is Hard to Find

APIs have seen dramatic growth in the last few years, and they're now powering everything we do. This is causing a fundamental shift in how we write applications - it's not just a UI and a database anymore.

Martin Vecera12/08/12
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Testing Groovy Classes with ScalaTest

The other day I read about ScalaTest. I liked the way the tests look like. And I started thinking where to use it. Today a colleague came to me asking me if he can add some tests to our small tool developed in Groovy. This ringed the bell and it turned to a calling. So here is the ultimate solution for integrating Groovy and ScalaTest.

Mike Hadlow12/08/12
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RabbitMQ On Windows With .NET, A Case Study

As a Microsoft shop, our development platform is .NET. Although VMWare provide an AMQP C# client, it is a low-level API, not suitable for use by more junior developers. For this reason we created our own high-level .NET API for RabbitMQ that provides simple single method access to common messaging patterns and does not require a deep knowledge of AMQP. This API is called EasyNetQ.

Eric D. Schabell12/07/12
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Video: SwitchYard Order Demo with JBoss EAP 6 on OpenShift

This video will show you how to setup an OpenShift instance (a.k.a. Gear) based on JBoss EAP6, add a SwitchYard cartridge, pull in my pre-configured OrderService demo project and deploy it all in about 6 minutes.

Geraint Jones12/05/12
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Groovy's RESTClient with Spock Extensions

This post will describe how to use the RESTClient, how to inject it into a Groovy Spock test class via custom annotations, how to swap the injected client between a real one and a mocked one using Mockito, and how to test it.

Jerry Nixon11/30/12
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WCF Data Services 5.1

First and most importantly, on November 7th we uploaded WCF Data Services 5.1 to NuGet. "5.1" is a deceptive version number . . .

Senthamizh Chel...11/26/12
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Understanding Business Process using BPM and BPEL

Business process management is a natural and holistic management approach for operating business that produces highly efficient, agile, innovative and adoptive organization

John D'Emic11/26/12
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Lightweight RPC with ZeroMQ (ØMQ) and Protocol Buffers

When writing integration applications with Mule, John D'Emic frequently comes across the issue of deciding how to communicate back and forth between his front end application, typically a web or mobile application, and a flow hosted on Mule...

Mitch Pronschinske11/05/12
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We Need a Programmer for President

Today, I'm going to present a new presidential candidate... A software developer candidate. This candidate is going to address the issues that the IT world cares about. Will you support them?

Justin Bozonier10/29/12
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Message Oriented Object Design and James Shore's Challenge

The idea is to build a ROT13 file encoder, TDD'd and beautiful. There are two parts to the challenge: get everything done by reading the whole file into memory, then process the file as you load it off of disk and save it back to disk incrementally.

Cristian Chiovari10/29/12
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Quick Thoughts on Enterprise Service Bus

There's no perfect definition for ESB: the scope and role may vary depending on the needs at hand. One of the most important things that you can do via ESB is to decouple the client from the service providers...

Borislav Iordanov10/28/12
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A Busy Developer's Guide to RESTful Services in Java

The Internet doesn't lack expositions on REST architecture, RESTful services, and their implementation in Java. But, here is another one. Why? Because I couldn't find something concise enough.

Todd Merritt10/26/12
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Is the Enterprise Service Bus Just Vendor Hype?

Is an Enterprise Service Bus an important piece of Service-Oriented Architecture, or is it just vendor hype designed to sell a particular product such as SOA-in-a-box?

Antonio Goncalves10/25/12
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You Don't Need to Mock Your SOAP Web Service to Test It

I’m not a fan of unit-testing in MOCK environments. Not because I don’t like it, or because my religious beliefs forbid me to use JUnit and Mockito.