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Claus Ibsen04/30/12
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Check out Beta Releases for Fuse ESB, Fuse MQ, and More

FuseSource recently launched the 7.0 a beta release line of our upcoming Fuse Enterprise products. There have been several online sessions reviewing the new features.

Mike Hadlow04/30/12
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SOA is a Set of Design Patterns for Building and Connecting Components

I’ve been writing a high-level ‘architectural vision’ document for my current clients. I thought it might be nice to republish bits of it here. This is the section that makes a justification of service oriented architecture based on messaging. Here are some of the resources and conclusions I found when studying SOA...

Christian Posta04/29/12
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REST Endpoint for Integration Using Apache Camel

We will be using Mediation Router to help write a simple integration between a REST endpoint and a resource files on a file system. I’ll be using camel-cxfrs component to expose the REST endpoint and will be using the camel-file component to read a directory on the file system.

Mark O'neill04/27/12
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API Gateway support for 'Hypertext As The Engine Of Application State'

So, how does an API Gateway cater for HATEOAS? A key requirement is not to break it. As in medicine, "first do no harm". Consider what an API Gateway does: It provides external-facing APIs to the public, then translates them to back-end (usually on-premise) API calls. Check out the following JSON returned by a server to the client.

Ben O' Day04/25/12
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Camel Exception Handling Overview for a Java DSL

Here are some notes on adding Camel exception handling to a JavaDSL route. There are various approaches/options available. These notes cover the important distinctions between approaches...

Arnon Rotem-gal-oz04/23/12
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SOA Patterns: Composite Front-End UI Pattern

When we try to think about service consumers, the obvious candidates are, of course, other services. Nevertheless there are other software components that interact with services e.g. legacy systems, Non-SOA external systems or reporting databases. The Composite Frontend pattern deals with yet another type of service consumer – the User interface.

Billy Sjöberg04/20/12
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Gotcha When Using Camel-Servlet

In my current project I'm using Apache Camel for the integration, and I bumped into a significant oops moment while using the camel-servlet component. I found that while I had multiple applications (WAR's) deployed I often started the wrong routes, even though I was hitting the correct endpoint url

Claus Ibsen04/18/12
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Spring Integration Project Creation VS. Apache Camel Project Creation

Take a look at the Spring Integration example for creating a project in STS tooling. And then compare to the equivalent Camel example below.

Łukasz Budnik04/17/12
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Migrating From JMS to AMQP: RabbitMQ, Spring, Apache Camel, and Apache Qpid

One of Lukasz Budnik's goals was to replace internal JMS queues with AMQP. In this article you'll see how he did it and why he was forced to change from RabbitMQ to Apache Qpid...

Renat Zubairov04/16/12
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From SOA to WOA

WOA does not mean a web in terms of the web-site or a Web Service (let alone the term 'Web Service' is too overloaded). According to Renat Zubairov, WOA is a application architecture for next generation of applications. Applications that are running in new runtime environment (Desktop or Mobile browser).

Mitch Pronschinske04/15/12
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Integrate Your Enterprise Apps 'Like a Boss'

Oh what's this… an Enterprise Integration Zone?! Now we have a focused place for information on integrating applications and services! Check out what's in store.

Jason Whaley04/11/12
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JMS Message Groups in Apache Camel

Message groups in JMS provide a way to identify a set of related messages. The messages could be related by anything - a customer order number, for example. This article has examples of using message groups with ActiveMQ within Apache Camel.

Paul Fremantle04/09/12
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To ESB or not to ESB

If I believe that the ESB is being misused or shouldn't be used, I'd rather lose the support revenue and gain the customer's trust by telling him or her straight.

James Carr04/02/12
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Scheduled Message Delivery with RabbitMQ

While trying to figure out how to use a push vs. polling model for timed notifications I discovered a clever hack using temporary queues, x-message-ttl and dead letter exchanges. The main idea behind this is utilizing a new feature available in 2.8.0, dead-letter exchanges.

Francois Lascelles03/26/12
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The Challenges of OAuth Client Broker Tooling

For example: OAuth handshakes are geared towards a client application driven by a user, which requires API-enabled authorization missing from many EI applications.