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Giancarlo Frison05/27/12
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SOA Principles: An Example App

I have released an application demonstrating how SOA’s principles can be applied into a small project making use of EIP (Enterprise Integration Pattern), IoC (Inversion of Control), and a building tool and scripting language such as Groovy.

Mike Hadlow05/26/12
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Why Write a .NET API For RabbitMQ?

Why am I building a .NET API when one is already available; the C# AMQP client from RabbitHQ? There's a very good reason why...

Francois Lascelles05/24/12
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Beyond OAuth – Emerging Standards for API Access Control

OAuth 2.0 seems to be on everybody’s mind these days. I can’t remember an emerging standard picking up interest so fast.

Łukasz Budnik05/23/12
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CXF JAX-RS on Apache TomEE

Yesterday I got a post comment about some problems with running CXF JAX-RS on Apache Tomcat. But also 2 weeks ago Apache TomEE 1.0 has been officially released. I decided to rework the example without using Spring (which was causing the problems with JAX-RS) and deploy it to TomEE.

Prabath Siriwardena05/19/12
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2-legged OAuth with OAuth 1.0 and 2.0

OAuth was created to solve the problem of sharing two-legged credentials in three-legged situations. This article will take a deep dive into the background of OAuth and 2-legged OAuth.

Mike Hadlow05/18/12
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EasyNetQ: A Breaking Change, IPublishChannel

Until recently, to publish a message using EasyNetQ you would create an instance of IBus and then call the publish method on it, but let me introduce you to my new friend, IPublishChannel.

Matt Vickery05/18/12
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Spring Integration - Splitter-Aggregator

Within Spring Integration, one form of EIP scatter-gather is provided by the splitter and aggregator constructs. This pattern can be used successfully with fairly simple configuration.

Kai Wähner05/17/12
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Progress Report from CamelOne 2012 in Boston (Apache Camel, ActiveMQ, ServiceMix, CXF)

This week, I was at CamelOne 2012 in Boston, organized by FuseSource. Sessions covered several open source projects such as Apache Camel, Apache ServiceMix, Apache ActiveMQ, and Apache CXF. Attendees learned directly from their peers and other industry experts how open source can deliver measurable technical and business benefits to their organizations.

Chris Haddad05/16/12
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How to pick an ESB - Comparison Criteria

See an example of an enterprise service bus evaluation framework and learn how to construct your own based on the needs of your use case.

Ben O' Day05/15/12
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Creating A Custom Camel Component

While Camel supports an ever growing number of components, you might have a need to create a custom component. This could be to either promote reuse across projects, customize an existing component or provide a simplified interface to an existing system. Whatever the reason, here is an overview of the options that are available within the Camel framework...

Mitch Pronschinske05/14/12
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ActiveMQ and ServiceMix Achieve New Heights

Looks like after around a month of public beta, Fuse ESB Enterprise and Fuse MQ 7.0 have both been made generally available today according to a new announcement out of the CamelOne Conference.

Ben O' Day05/13/12
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Basic REST service in Apache CXF vs. Camel-CXF

This article demonstrates how to create/test a basic REST service in CXF vs. Camel-CXF. Given the range of configuration and deployment options, I'm focusing on building a basic OSGi bundle that can be deployed in Fuse 4.2 (ServiceMix)...basic knowledge of Maven, ServiceMix and Camel are assumed.

Matt Vickery05/11/12
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Spring Integration - Input Channel Definition

In a pipes and filters architecture, pipes are connectors or channels. Although at first sight trivial, channels are fairly rich semantically - they allow typing, synchronous and asynchronous input, direct and multicast notifications, send and wait (rendezvous) as well as queued input and wrapping by adapters.

Dejan Bosanac05/11/12
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ActiveMQ 5.6.0 Release and Other News

ActiveMQ 5.6 very significant new features that was worth waiting for. Those include a new LevelDB store, MQTT and Stomp 1.1 protocols support and self-balancing cluster clients, to name a few.

Mark O'neill05/10/12
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Pure vs Practical REST

This is a useful table found by Mark O'neill that you may find yourself going back to often, comparing pure REST (such as HATEOAS) with the "practical" REST so often found in the field: