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Francois Lascelles05/12/11
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Using API keys effectively

A common use of API keys for authentication of web api consumption is to ask the requester to just include the key directly in the URI parameters of the web API call as illustrated below: http://apis.acme.com/resources/blah/foo?app_id=myid&app_key=mykey

Kin Lane05/06/11
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Hazards of Developers Evangelist for an API

I’m working to make it easier to get up and running using the Mimeo Connect Cloud Print API. One concept that is tough to understand at first, is that all printing starts with a Mimeo document. Then using the API you can either order that document as is, or...

James Ward04/21/11
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Using an Embedded WSDL with Flex’s WebService API

Recently I was helping a customer figure out how to use an embedded WSDL with Flex’s WebService API. One scenario in which this is needed is when the actual WSDL is not available at runtime. In this case the application must contain the WSDL instead...

Liran Zelkha04/14/11
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ScaleBase and MapReduce

To summarize, sharding splits a big data problem into a set of small problems. In such a scenario, the ScaleBase Database Load Balancer is the master node, and tries to optimize the process by giving the worker nodes as much work as possible.

Harish Chander04/04/11
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Implementing Versioning Support in Restful Web-Services

Versioning Restful Web-services:For maintaing backward compatibilty, at times you may need to support multiple versions of restful web-service resources (here after refered to as resources). It may be desirable at that point to be able to have resources...

Harish Chander04/04/11
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Implementing Error Handling in Restful Web-services

Implementing Error Handling in Restful Web-services:From Restful Web-Services (here afer referred to as services) perspective, errors can be classified in two broad categories—User errors and System errors. User errors pertain to validation errors for data...

Francois Lascelles04/02/11
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Selecting a token format for your Web APIs, RESTful web services

The most important token format that you need to support for your web apis and RESTful web services these days is: anything. So many platforms define their own authentication/authorization mechanism with what seems to be little concern for standardized...

Ross Mason04/01/11
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What is PaaS (Platform as a Service)

With 2011 being touted as the year of the PaaS there are still many questions to be answered.  We entered the space earlier this year with Mule iON so I thought I’d offer up my $0.02. Lets quickly go over the basics of where PaaS sits.

Scott Morrison 04/01/11
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The API Gateway As Endpoint

The US Customs and Immigration station at Point Roberts is a small building set on the edge of the coastal rainforest of Washington State. It is the last customs station in a vast western chain strung out along the 49 parallel. I enjoy crossing the border...

Francois Lascelles04/01/11
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The ESG Pattern

Are you still considering rolling out a major Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) stack — you know, the kind that involves a massive initial investment and takes 8+ months to deploy? This wasteful approach was a major factor in doomed corporate SOA initiatives...

Mark O'neill03/30/11
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APIs and Services come full circle

Back in 1996 when I joined an EDI company as a programmer, the first thing a colleague did was put the definitive Windows API reference, Programming Windows by Charles Petzold, on my desk. At the time we programmed for Windows 3.1 (and for something called...

Kin Lane03/25/11
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RESTful Cloud Database with JSON

Jasondb is a cloud-based, RESTful JSON database designed to replace MySQL as the database in traditional web development Jasondb persists the data in the same JSON format used by many AJAX driven sites. Jasondb provides indexing, metadata indexing, tagging...

Harish Chander03/21/11
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Restful Web-Services Best Practices

Some guidelines that I follow while designing the Restful Web-Services (here after referred to as services):URI Design:URIs are main part of a web-service interface. It’s painfully hard to change them once services are published and used by...

Kai Wähner03/12/11
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Evaluation of the Product SOAtest (Parasoft) to test your SOA

In the last few days, I had to evaluate the product SOAtest (Parasoft). SOAtest is an Eclipse-based testing tool, which supports most important technologies and vendors to test your Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) technically. 

Mitch Pronschinske03/11/11
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Live at Cloud Connect 2011 - DZone Shares the Experience

This week DZone was on location in Silicon Valley attending the 2nd annual Cloud Connect conference.  After a strong showing in the first year, Cloud Connect really took off the second time around (a 66% increase in attendance).  Over 3,000 people showed up...