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Marco Tedone08/04/11
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Mocking JMS infrastructure with MockRunner to favour testing

This article shows *one* way to mock the JMS infrastructure in a Spring JMS application. This allows us to test our JMS infrastructure without actually having to depend on a physical connection being available. If you are reading this article, chances are...

Francois Lascelles08/04/11
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REST JSON to SOAP conversion tutorial

I often get asked about ‘REST to SOAP’ transformation use cases these days. Using an SOA gateway like SecureSpan to perform this type of transformation at runtime is trivial to setup. With SecureSpan in front of any existing web service (in the DMZ for...

Sunil Parikh07/31/11
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SOA Governance

Introduction: This paper is devoted to a book review on the title, SOA Governance by Thomas Erl, Stephen G. Bennett, Benjamin Carlyle and Clive Gee and published by Prentice Hall. The book...

Mark O'neill07/21/11
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How to convert XML to SOAP on the Vordel Gateway

When you think about converting XML in general, it's natural to think "use XSLT". But it's important to note that the Vordel Gateway actually supports conversion of XML to SOAP out-of-the-box without having to resort to using xslt. Simply use a...

Mark O'neill07/14/11
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How to configure Throttling on the Vordel Gateway

Here's a guide to setting up throttling in the Vordel Gateway:If you've already registered a WSDL, skip forward to step 4.Step 1: Open Policy Studio. Connect to the Gateway you wish to configure your policy on.Once you connect, choose "Edit Active...

Kai Wähner06/27/11
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Apache Camel and Scala: A Powerful Combination

I really like the integration framework Apache Camel and I also like Scala a lot. This article shows the basics of this combination. It is NO introduction to Apache Camel or Scala. I created a Git project to use it as simple startup for Camel-Scala-Maven...

Kin Lane06/13/11
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API Proxies, Connectors, and Add-Ons

I’m working through some 100K views of the API service provider arena, and trying to evolve my perspectives of Whats Next for APIs. This is all a work in progress, so I’m publishing here on kinlane.com instead of on apievangelist.com.

Kin Lane06/13/11
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The Battle for Your API Proxy

Every Web API is designed to receive requests from and respond to the outside world. Every day an API can receive thousands or potentially millions of calls. Before the API can process these requests and returns a response, it has to potentially tackle a...

Scott Morrison 06/10/11
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REST is Simple, But Simple is not REST

Last December, William Vambenepe posted a provocative blog entry about RESTful APIs in the cloud.

Francois Lascelles06/07/11
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RESTful Web Services and Signatures

A common question relating to REST security is whether or not one can achieve message level integrity in the context of a RESTful web service exchange. Security at the message level (as opposed to transport level security such as HTTPS) presents a number...

Kai Wähner06/05/11
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When to use Apache Camel?

Apache Camel is one of my favorite open source frameworks in the JVM / Java environment. It enables easy integration of different applications which use several protocols and technologies. This article shows when to use Apache Camel and when to use other...

Kin Lane06/01/11
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GlueCon 2011 Recap

I wanted to take some time and recap my thoughts from the 2011 Glue Conference. A lot happened last week, but I wanted to highlight some of the sessions and discussions that really stuck with me. First, it was one of the best events I’ve been to in a...

Kai Wähner05/20/11
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Java / JVM – When to use Multicast (e.g. Tibco Rendevous) instead of Point-to-Point Messaging (JMS Implementations)

Several solutions are available in the Java / JVM environment for messaging. All have in common that they exist for many years and still do its job in mission critical systems: Sending remote messages fast and reliable. There exist two different concepts...

Jonathan Anstey05/18/11
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Open Source Integration with Apache Camel and How Fuse IDE Can Help

Take any integration project and you have multiple applications talking over multiple transports on multiple platforms. As you can imagine, in large enterprise applications this can get complex very fast. Much of the complexity stems from two issues: 1. ...