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Greg Duncan10/26/11
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Connecting your WinPhone 7 app to an ASP.NET Razor page with a little REST and JSON

"In this tutorial you will learn how ASP.NET Web Pages with Razor syntax can be used to build a RESTful web service that is capable of delivering weather forecast data to a Windows Phone 7 application. We will be using WebMatrix, a lightweight tool...

Robin Bramley10/13/11
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Using JMS in Grails

The Java Message Service (JMS) API is one of the cornerstones of the Java Enterprise Edition that allows applications to reliably communicate using asynchronous messages sent via a message broker. This article provides an introduction to JMS, the JMS...

Mats Lindh09/30/11
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Fixing Issue With PHPs SoapClient Overwriting Duplicate Attribute and Tag Names

The setting: An SOAP request contains an Id attribute – and an element with the exact name in the response (directly beneath the element containing the attribute – an immediate child):

Jim Moscater09/29/11
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Meet Up With DZone @ JavaOne 2011 and Oracle Open World In San Francisco!!

Interested in being a major player in one of the largest developer communities on the web? Do you have a knack for finding and sharing awesome developer content? Do you want to be a recognized name in your space and a major driver of discussions and knowledge...

Singaram Subramanian09/25/11
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Getting started with Spring Integration v2 and Enterprise Integration Patterns – A Simple Example using File and Mail Adapters

I’ve recently had a requirement to do some Enterprise Integration stuff and tried out Spring Integration for it. I’ve found it to be simple, easy-to-use, and flexible. So, I thought of sharing it with you all.

Arul Kumaran09/21/11
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Handling timeouts and identifying connectivity issues

Handling timeouts is one of those tasks that people generally leave to the last moment. In an ideal world, we'd never need them. Now a days, a typical application will have remote calls to other systems via Web services (e.g. SOAP or RESTful), RMI, etc, hence...

Bradley Holt09/07/11
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Exploring RabbitMQ and PHP

I’m exploring the possibility of using RabbitMQ for an upcoming project. RabbitMQ is a free/open source message broker platform. It uses the open Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) standard and is written in Erlang using the Open Telecom Platform ...

Kai Wähner08/30/11
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Cloud Integration with Apache Camel and Amazon Web Services (AWS): S3, SQS and SNS

The integration framework Apache Camel already supports several important cloud services (see my overview article at http://www.kai-waehner.de/blog/2011/07/09/cloud-computing-heterogeneity-will-require-cloud-integration-apache-camel-is-already-prepared for...

Scott Morrison 08/05/11
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Can’t See The SOA For The Clouds

It has been quite a week for SOA. First, TheServerSide published a presentation delivered at their recent Java conference by Rod Johnson from VMware in which he essentially accused SOA of being a fad.

Marco Tedone08/04/11
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Mocking JMS infrastructure with MockRunner to favour testing

This article shows *one* way to mock the JMS infrastructure in a Spring JMS application. This allows us to test our JMS infrastructure without actually having to depend on a physical connection being available. If you are reading this article, chances are...

Francois Lascelles08/04/11
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REST JSON to SOAP conversion tutorial

I often get asked about ‘REST to SOAP’ transformation use cases these days. Using an SOA gateway like SecureSpan to perform this type of transformation at runtime is trivial to setup. With SecureSpan in front of any existing web service (in the DMZ for...

Sunil Parikh07/31/11
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SOA Governance

Introduction: This paper is devoted to a book review on the title, SOA Governance by Thomas Erl, Stephen G. Bennett, Benjamin Carlyle and Clive Gee and published by Prentice Hall. The book...

Mark O'neill07/21/11
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How to convert XML to SOAP on the Vordel Gateway

When you think about converting XML in general, it's natural to think "use XSLT". But it's important to note that the Vordel Gateway actually supports conversion of XML to SOAP out-of-the-box without having to resort to using xslt. Simply use a...

Mark O'neill07/14/11
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How to configure Throttling on the Vordel Gateway

Here's a guide to setting up throttling in the Vordel Gateway:If you've already registered a WSDL, skip forward to step 4.Step 1: Open Policy Studio. Connect to the Gateway you wish to configure your policy on.Once you connect, choose "Edit Active...