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Joe Miller03/07/12
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AMQPcat, a Netcat-like Tool for Messaging Fun

You may have found a CLI tool for working with STOMP queues called stompcat, but nothing similar for AMQP brokers. Well, Joe Miller has the solution: AMQPcat. In two easy steps he'll show you how to use it.

Bradley Holt03/02/12
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Defining a RESTful Framework

Here are some key principles that one blogger would like to see addressed when creating RESTful web apps.

Eric Minick02/27/12
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Continuous Delivery’s Trouble with Web Services

Using a build pipeline to model release orchestration and planning activities is simply a bad fit. It feels like wearing shoes a size too small. You can squeeze into them and they protect the soles of your feet, but expect pain. In this post you'll learn one of the limitations of traditional CD and an approach for accomadating those limitations.

Francois Lascelles02/25/12
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Some Suggestions for Choosing a Token Format for RESTful Web Services

According to this Francois Lascelles, ANYTHING is necessary to support Web APIs and RESTful web services these days.

Sang Venkatraman02/17/12
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Drools Developer's Cookbook

Drools, in my opinion, is not a hard technology to get into, especially if you have done some java development and have a decent idea about decisioning systems. How the RETE algorithm works...

Francois Lascelles02/09/12
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API Management – Infrastructure vs SaaS

The author provides some things to consider before opting for a pure SaaS-based API management solution. He suggests the advantage of using self-hosted IaaS solutions, as well as the lack of security for information traveling through a SaaS.

Judah Johns02/08/12
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Easiest Way to Deploy ColdFusion to the Cloud

Learn how to deploy a Cold Fusion 9 application to the cloud using Jelastic. This tutorial will take you through creating an environment, the WAR file, and deploying the Java package.

Judah Johns02/03/12
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Moving from Google App Engine to Jelastic

If you have have used Jelastic, chances are, you have also tried one of our competitors. There are a number of them out there. One of the biggest ones is Google App Engine.

Kai Wähner01/19/12
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Which Integration Framework Should You Use – Spring Integration, Mule ESB or Apache Camel?

Data exchanges between companies are increasing a lot. The number of applications that must be integrated is increasing, too. The interfaces use different technologies, protocols and data formats. Nevertheless, the integration of these applications must be...

Brian Swan01/13/12
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DZone Top Article of 2011: 3 Components of a Successful Project

Earlier this month I attended the monthly meeting of the Seattle PHP Meetup Group. In ways I didn’t expect, it was a very interesting meeting. The content itself was interesting enough (we were talking about database design), but what I found even more...

Rauf Issa12/10/11
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SOAfaces Powers up Hadoop

soafaces has always been a very flexible open source toolkit for building GWT clients and server components. Now with the release of v2.6.0, soafaces enables easier integration and management with third party systems like Hadoop by adding key features needed...

Nuno Job12/09/11
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Database Indexes for The Inquisitive Mind

I've used to be a developer advocate an awesome database product called MarkLogic, a NoSQL Document Database for the Enterprise. Now it's pretty frequent that people ask me about database stuff. In here I'm going to try to explain some fun stuff you can do...

Mitch Pronschinske12/05/11
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Search, REST & Play! Video Discovery

James Alexander, Open University:  The Open University has been creating programmes in partnership with BBC for over forty years. The resulting video archive contains over 9,000 programmes and 70,000 tapes of raw footage. The Access to Video Assets (AVA)...

Prabath Siriwardena12/01/11
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The Depth of SAML

Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) is an XML standard for exchanging authentication and authorization data between entities which is a product of the OASIS Security Services Technical Committee. - SAML 1.0 was adopted as an OASIS standard in Nov...