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Ross Mason05/27/13
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Data encryption with Mule Enterprise Security

In this post we are going to look at how to use the data encryption capabilities in Mule Studio. We’re going to be using Mule Enterprise. Consider the following flow

Christopher Taylor05/24/13
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Cloudy with a Chance of Integration: The Great iPaaS Gold Rush is On

The iPaaS rush is on and every cloud has a golden lining, but without clearly including a Cloud-based ESB in that strategy you might just be panning for iron pyrites.

Max Katz05/23/13
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Exposing Enterprise Services via REST APIs

With RESTXpress enterprises can easily expose databases and business applications securely via REST. Once exposed as REST services, they can easily be integrated into Appery.io apps.

Madhuka Udantha05/23/13
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XSLT Mediator Tutorial

When we have to deal with a dynamic request for an ESB proxy. (If the proxy request is dynamic (not static/not predefined) we will have to use the XSLT mediator to mediate the message).

Pascal Alma05/22/13
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Creating Mock service in WSO2 ESB

I posted before about how to create a mock service when you have a JDK 1.6 or higher available. Of course there are a lot more options to mock web services (one I used often is the option supplied by SoapUI). This post shows a way to mock a web service by using a WSO2 Proxy Service.

Ben Wilcock05/22/13
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SOA Certified Architect: Module 1

I understand that certification is not for everyone, but in my case I felt that because SOA is surrounded by so many myths, legends and falsehoods, it probably makes sense for me to add a quality mark to my work for my clients.

Ross Mason05/21/13
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Change the Studio Category of your DevKit Component

Anyone that has used DevKit to write a Mule extension and then wanted to add it to Studio, may have notice that the extension will appear under the Cloud

Nial Darbey05/19/13
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SOA School: Governance 2.0 with Anypoint Service Registry

With the explosion of APIs, the Enterprise has flung open its doors and windows and ripped off its roof in order to reach to the sky to exploit the vast array of cloud-based services on offer and include them in its software inventory.

Madhuka Udantha05/19/13
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WSO2 ESB Endpoints Error Handling

This post will illustrate error handling in wso2 esb in regards to Endpoints. It's an import topic to cover because WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus needs to send the message to a service provider in its final stage.

Madhuka Udantha05/18/13
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WSO2 ESB Enrich Mediator Fast Tutorial

Enrich Mediator can be used to perform transformations with in integration logic. It process a message based on a given source configuration and perform the specified action on the message by using the target configuration.

Madhuka Udantha05/17/13
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WSO2 ESB Payload Mediator Tutorial

This simple tutorial will lead you to write proxy with WSO2 ESB Payload Mediator. Here is the client sending request payload for proxy...

Mitch Pronschinske05/17/13
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Links You Don't Want To Miss (May 17)

New JavaScript and CSS tools are on their way, along with a managed NoSQL DB from Google. Plus Jekyll 1.0 and a super-jumping robot.

Madhuka Udantha05/15/13
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WSO2 ESB Filter Mediator Tutorial

This post will be for WSO2 ESB Filter Mediator and it will be cover simple usecase with basic Filter Mediator functions. It can be used for XPath filtering of messages.

Achala Chathura...05/12/13
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Respond to the Client After Sending the SOAP Request to the JMS Queue

Have a look at my configuration that will respond to the client after a SOAP request is sent to a JMS queue.

Mark O'neill05/12/13
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How to Read in a SAML Assertion from a REST STS and Insert it Into a HTTP Header

It is a common scenario that an API Server must call out to a Security Token Service (STS) "off to the side" in order to get a SAML assertion issued for a user. This SAML Assertion then then usually inserted into the request, often as a HTTP header. Let's see how this is done with the Axway/Vordel API Server...