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A Critique of MQTT From a Software Architect

Most people would say that the MQTT has proven to be fairly successful as a lightweight messaging protocol. It is often boasted about for it's small code...

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Daily Dose: Eclipse adds Java 7 Support

The latest version of the Eclipse development enviroment, version 3.8M1, was released today. The IDE is now on par with IntelliJ IDEA 10.5 and Netbeans 7.0.1...

0 replies - 24184 views - 08/08/11 by Ross Jernigan in Daily Dose

Daily Dose: Microsoft Awarding $250,000 for New Security

Microsoft announced today that they will be awarding a total of $250,000 in prize money in a competition to create new security technologies for preventing...

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Export Excel To XML In C#

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Daily Dose: Google's New "Page Speed Service" Cuts Page Loading Time

Google has created Page Speed Service, an online service designed to help speed up the loading time of web pages. The service obtains content from your...

0 replies - 18424 views - 07/28/11 by Jim Moscater in Daily Dose

Daily Dose: Java SE 7 is Here!

Right on schedule, the GA release of JDK 7 is now available.  If you haven't already familiarized yourself with all the new features, check out the OpenJDK...

0 replies - 22002 views - 07/27/11 by Ross Jernigan in Daily Dose

Daily Dose: BlackBerry Software Chief May Have Resigned

According to tech news site BGR, it's possible that Suresh Periyalwar, Research In Motion's head of Blackberry software, has left the company after 10 years of...

0 replies - 16785 views - 07/26/11 by Jim Moscater in Daily Dose

Daily Dose: Mozilla's Mobile OS "Boot to Gecko" Announced

Mozilla announced "Boot to Gecko" today, their take on a mobile operating system. B2G's main goal is to "pursue the goal of building a complete,...

2 replies - 19047 views - 07/25/11 by Ross Jernigan in Daily Dose

Daily Dose: Microsoft's Daytona brings MapReduce to Windows Azure

MapReduce, Google's framework for scaling large amounts of data across computers, has been ported to Windows Azure by Microsoft. The project, code-named...

0 replies - 21509 views - 07/17/11 by Ross Jernigan in Daily Dose

Daily Dose: LucidWorks Enterprise 1.8 Crawls Shared Files

LucidWorks Enterprise released its new version 1.8 featuring the addition of new crawl and security functionality. The platform can now crawl and index files...

0 replies - 22681 views - 07/14/11 by Ross Jernigan in Daily Dose

Daily Dose: JAX Innovations Awards 2011 Winners Announced!

Over the last three months, nominations and voting for the Jax Innovation Awards took place, the awards ceremony which highlights innovation and excellence...

0 replies - 19584 views - 06/23/11 by Ross Jernigan in Daily Dose

Daily Dose:Flex and Flash Builder Add iOS and Blackberry Support

Today, Adobe released an update to Flex and Flash Builder 4.5, adding support for Apple's iOS and Blackberry Tablet OS Flex Projects in addition to the support...

0 replies - 15380 views - 06/20/11 by Ross Jernigan in Daily Dose

Daily Dose: Big Data, Big Competition: LexisNexis To Release Hadoop Competitor

LexisNexis is set to launch open source data processing tools that supposedly outdo Hadoop, the current darling of the Big Data world. The new product line is...

0 replies - 19537 views - 06/16/11 by Jim Moscater in Daily Dose

Daily Dose: Microsoft Adding More Support for C++

In a research paper published by Google last week, C++ was found to be the best-performing programming language in the market, trumping Java, Scala, and its...

0 replies - 15724 views - 06/15/11 by Ross Jernigan in Daily Dose

Daily Dose: Spring Jumps Into M2 of Version 3.1.0

 Spring, the open source application framework, reached its "second and final milestone", and version 3.1 is now available. The new features...

0 replies - 18680 views - 06/10/11 by Ross Jernigan in Daily Dose

Daily Dose: First Milestone Of Grails 1.4 Released

Grails users will be happy to see that Grails 1.4, the first milestone of the open source framework, was released this week, featuring major changes such as:-...

0 replies - 10276 views - 06/08/11 by Jim Moscater in Daily Dose

Why Interoperability Must Succeed for the Cloud to Survive

During the past two years, not a week has gone by without several press releases, blogs, editorials or articles about cloud interoperability crossing my...

0 replies - 9349 views - 02/26/11 by Bill Heinzman in Articles

Daily Dose: HTML5 Goes Mobile: The-M-Project Open Source Framework

Tired of constantly adapting your code to the latest smartphone OS? The-M-Project might be the solution you've been waiting for. A new open source HTML5...

0 replies - 28115 views - 02/23/11 by Katie Mckinsey in Daily Dose

Remove Word Formatting

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Daily Dose - ICEfaces 2.0 - A Wintery, JSF 2-based Release

The ICEfaces team has delivered the major version 2.0 this week and as the number implies, it is built on top of the relatively new JSF 2.0 spec.  The new...

0 replies - 30195 views - 12/22/10 by Mitch Pronschinske in Daily Dose